Apr 2, 2008

Visual Tracking Projectors

I imagine combining this technology with GPS, mobile internet and lasers to create....something....

Apr 1, 2008

Great Flex Resource

I took a webinar yesterday about developing music applications with Flex and distributing them as AIR applications.

During the class, a fellow student shared this great 'Flex for Designers' resource.

Lifetime Learning

One of the greatest things about starting this new career, is that I now spend a good part of my free time learning about human computer interaction, user experience, design, information architecture and the latest news about how information is stored, organized and retrieved in business applications, social media and educational environments.

These topics have always intrigued me and I have always enjoyed learning. Now I get to do what I love as my career, instead of sneaking it in when I get a chance.

Here's to doing what you love and never having to work another day in my life!

Mar 23, 2008

Ventura Camping Biking Trip

I am planning a trip for the family this summer to southern California to do some camping and cycling. The idea was originated because my mom went cycling with her husband on the Ventura River Trail. I checked out Emma Wood County and State parks, which may work out (we will have an RV and a tent) but was wondering if anyone else has some suggestions for us of a good place to camp where we could access good trails that would be appropriate for inexperienced cyclists that may not be able to handle much offroading. Please comment here or contact me through MySpace, Facebook, or my website.

Thanks in advance.